Over a period of approximately twelve years we have joined together with the Charisma Community Church in Ikageng, Mamelodi in various projects.  We have helped with the running of a Saturday morning School to provide extra tuition for primary school children, planted vegetables and trees, worshipped together, enjoyed friendship and joint men’s and ladies’ ministry functions.  Most recently the two congregations have embarked on a joint initiative aimed at addressing some of the needs of families affected by the HIV/Aids pandemic as well as extremely poor families.

We realised that we could not possibly meet all the needs that there are, but decided to focus on nutrition, assistance to primary school children during the afternoons, and the adoption of families where possible.  We also planned to develop a project that will sustain the Drop-In Centre and alleviate poverty by providing employment.

In an effort to help and encourage young children in families affected by HIV/Aids and poverty, we established a “drop-in” centre at the Charisma Community Church. The primary school children are welcomed each afternoon, Monday to Friday, after school. Three sibling families account for 11 of these children. The Centre’s doors were opened on 22nd July 2003.  A cooked meal is prepared for the children; they are helped with their homework; they interact with educational and outdoor games, participate in daily worship and are given care and encouragement. A kitchen has been built and equipped to serve the centre. Jeff Dhlamini involves volunteers to prepare the children’s meals and to be mentors and guides to the children.  Trinity members have donated educational materials, clothes, and playground equipment to the Centre. The Centre is directed by a steering committee including Pastor Jeff Dhlamini of Charisma,  Malcolm Brown, a session clerk emeritus of Trinity, Sue Hay the Ministry co-ordinator at Trinity and volunteers from both Charisma and Trinity. Operational costs are met by donations and contributions from interested parties. 

We are very grateful that these projects bring relief and hope to the children and families involved. It is our prayer that we will be able to bring hope to more people as these projects grow.

Bibles for Blessing

During a congregational meeting in January 2013, Joy Mansfield challenged us to ensure that all our domestic workers owned Bibles in their own language.  Joy undertook to order bibles from The Bible Society of South Africa on our behalf.  The initiative was called “Bibles for Blessings”. Since then the scope of the project has extended way beyond the original focus group. To date 172 Bibles have been bought and distributed to acquaintances, colleagues, friends and strangers – and there is no “sell by” date! 

This project makes it possible for you to bless someone with a Bible in their own language for R55.00. Call the office on 012 348 9469 and

Ingrid will help you to get the process going.

Food Parcels

Our outreach to the Charisma Community Service Drop-In Centre involves several activities. One of them is the provision of food parcels for the children attending the Centre to take home to their families once a month.

This is done because the children are from homes affected by extreme poverty. The parcels contain the following items:

  • 2.5kg Maize Meal,
  • 500g White Kidney Beans,
  • 500g Small White Beans,
  • 2 x 1kg Samp or Sorghum Meal,
  • 1 kg Sugar,
  • 500g Iodised salt,
  • 2 x 200g Savoury Soya Mince,
  • 410gPeanut Butter,
  • 410g Sheba/Tomato Onion Mix,
  • 2 x 410g Pilchards,
  • 100 Tea bags

In addressing nutritional needs, Trinity families are currently supplying food parcels to families identified by Charisma Church and Mamelodi Hospice. The parcels are made up of items recommended by nutrition experts, and these are distributed each month.

Each food parcel costs about R250.00

If you are able to donate any or all of these items, it will help to alleviate the suffering of the families under our care. Items can be dropped off at the church office on Sundays or during the week.

Alternately, you can also donate the amount of R250.00 into our Charisma Drop In Centre account.


Trinity, as a congregation, sets aside 10% of its nett income (after payment of General Assembly and Presbytery assessments) for the support of concerns beyond our own community.

We support ministry partners and organisations giving comfort, support, and training to the community as well as missionaries beyond our borders.

Miki Maths

The Miki Maths programme for the 2017 is going well. The programme’s Mamelodi base is the Charisma Drop-In Centre. Wally Thiele, the founder of Miki Maths, trains the facilitators at Charisma and he ran the second 2017 training session at Charisma Church at the start of the 2nd term. The result of these facilitators being trained is that five hundred children in Mamelodi and thirty in Makapanstad are benefiting from the Miki Maths programme this year.

In addition, the tailor-made programme for the Drop-In Centre children continues to be run on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Alice is the trained facilitator running the programme for the Centre.