Hebrews for Today: The Majestic Jesus - ii. The Supremacy of Jesus

Preacher: Alan Cameron

Verses: Hebrews 1:5-14

Jesus' supremacy.jpg

The first four verses of Hebrews are like an Overture to a Symphony where the melodic theme introduces the composition.  The writer is anonymous, more than likely an associate of Paul, concerned that Jewish believers faced with opposition were being tempted to revert to Judaism.  He wrote from an urban context prior to the destruction of the Temple in AD 70.  He presents a high view of Jesus in a pluralistic age similar to ours.  Indeed, the classical scholar E.M. Blaiklock argues that the 20thC, of all past centuries, is the most similar to the 1stC by way of religious pluralism.  This is equally true of the 21stC. 

Jesus is God’s final word in the midst of a plethora of voices claiming ultimate allegiance.  The prophetic witness of the O.T. (v1) in all its variety of genre and context is but a prelude to Jesus “in these last days” (v2) i.e. the time frame ever since the death and resurrection of Jesus.